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Legacy Center

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Willis, Texas 77378


Empowering Women
Raising Up Leaders
Changing Lives

"Because of Legacy I now have self-control, joy and a love for Jesus. I know what true freedom is since I have been delivered from the darkness of drugs. If God can deliver me and set me free...He can do it for anyone!"

-Ja'Nae, March 2020 Graduate


"I now have obtainable dreams and goals. If I had to say one statement to sum it all up, it would be...DREAM BIG, PRAY BOLDLY, & HONOR GOD!"

- Billie, March 2020 Graduate

Legacy Center is a faith based recovery program for women

Recovery: the process of combating a real or perceived problem and to bring back to a normal position or condition. To recapture, reclaim, regain, recoup, retake...TAKE BACK 


We are here to help you TAKE BACK your life

...take it back from drugs and alcohol

...take it back from depression and emotional anxiety

...take it back from wrong choices that have put you in wrong places

It's time to TAKE BACK your life and become all God has created you to be!

Legacy Center is exclusively religious in nature and only offers non-medical treatment. The recovery methods used are solely through spiritual counseling and mentoring, prayer, and Biblical studies.