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What Does Legacy Do

Legacy Center is a unique faith-based residential discipleship and recovery home with the mission of helping women to overcome the life-controlling issues that are keeping them from moving forward into a life of wellbeing and wholeness. We provide hope and help for those who are lost in life or who are struggling with the results of bad choices they have made, as well as, other situations that are destroying lives and families.

What can I expect?

The Legacy Center is a sober, safe, and healthy living environment that promotes a lifestyle of recovery. It is a place where lives are changed and a new normal is realized through a life built on the foundation of Jesus Christ and through practical principles to educate, equip and empower. 

EDUCATE  Our mission is accomplished by providing a godly home environment with an emphasis on developing a relationship (not a religion) with God. Those who choose to enter the program participate in Bible Studies, spiritual counseling, life management classes, parental coaching, financial guidance, career planning, and mentoring.

EQUIP  While at Legacy students learn how to live a sober and healthy lifestyle with God at the center - to be healthy physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Students learn how to manage a household (cooking, cleaning, budgeting, ect.), be part of a functional family, and enjoy life without the hindrance of drugs, alcohol or other life controlling issues.

EMPOWER  As the Legacy students proceed through their individual commitment they will be encouraged, and assisted, to seek God for His plan and purpose for their life - to evaluate the gifts and talents He has placed in them. By using Job Skill Assessments and Career Planning we are able to help bring together those God given gifts and talents with life skills and help students to establish a career, not just a job.

What happens next?

After graduating from the full program students will qualify to apply for the Connect Program - connecting them back with life outside of Legacy.

The Connect Program is 90-day period where the graduate will establish short-term goals, obtain full-time employment and begin investing in a savings account, obtain housing and begin to enjoy their new life.

Some other things you should know

Legacy Center is committed to providing its services based on need, not on ability to pay (It's FREE)

Legacy is for women between the ages of 21 and 45.

Participants must be physically able to participate in all areas of the program as well as able to participate academically due to the amount of reading, written work, group discussions and testing required to advance through the program.

Legacy students also have the option of having their children with them when space is available. 

Enrollment in this program is voluntary and consists of various individual program plans which are structured to help the growth of the individual student and meet their individual needs.

Empowering Women     Raising Up Leaders    Changing Lives

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