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an act, process, or instance of transforming or being transformed

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"In the search for fulfillment and, quite honestly, a reason to live I sought out help. Circumstances aligned perfectly which brought a self-confessed agnostic into a 9-month discipleship program. I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior almost immediately, and have been earnestly pursuing Him ever since. Jesus Christ has brought dramatic transformation into my life, but it was only possible through me letting go. I have had to face down some serious giants; giants such as substance abuse, depression, unforgiveness, shame, fear, and bitterness. Through God's grace I have not only been forgiven of these sins but have been empowered to overcome them. I thank the Lord each day for the work He's done within me, and I pray that I continue to become lesser so that He can become greater in me."

- Aimee May 2020 Graduate

Administrative Assistant Legacy Center

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"My life has changed so much while I have been at Legacy. My character has improved to be more like Christ, my beliefs and values have changed. I have grown in my confidence and who I am in Christ. I have learned the past does not define who I am and my future has no mistakes in it - that it is bright and I can truly be who God called me to be. I know I am loved by God. I know I am not ruled by my emotions and I have authority over my own flesh. God has forgiven me of my sins and He no longer remembers them. I don't have to feel shame or condemnation any more...I AM FREE!"

- Liz March 2021 Graduate

Resident Assistant Legacy Center 2021-2023

Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but be a new and different person with a fresh newness in all you do and think. Then you will learn from your own experience how His ways will really satisfy you. - Romans 12:2 TLB

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The girl I am today, in comparison to the girl I was a year ago, is evidence that Legacy works. Legacy is a mighty vessel the Lord used to heal, restore and save not only my life, but my eternity. I am so thankful for the levels of freedom the Lord has brought me through. He's taught me about who He is and who I am in Him. Most importantly, now I can say I have a relationship with my Creator. Throughout this past year I've been getting to know Him and learning to hear the sound of His voice. The Lord says His sheep know His voice, He knows them and they follow Him. I'm blessed to say I am a follower of Christ and experiencing life with Him each day!

Jesus holds transformative power. Just the mention of His Name was enough to cast out demons, break strongholds, and transform my life. I was once living in darkness, just trying to survive. Now I have been brought to the light by the King of kings Himself. If He can do this for me, I know He candor anybody.

- Alayah March 2023 Graduate

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Legacy has absolutely changed my life! Back in 2019 I dealt with the loss of my child and I immediately got depressed and shut down. I let that depression take over my life and started making bad decisions. Three years later I got pregnant with my daughter, my blessing form God. No much longer after I had her I knew I needed help to change my life around, become a better mom, and heal from past trauma. That's when I found Legacy.

Little did I know that Legacy was going to heal me and completely change me into the woman I am today. During this past year I have learned how to live a day-by-day, healthy and sober life. I have learned how to forgive myself for all the poor choices I've made so I can be a healthy mom.

I think God for all He has done in my life and all the people He has placed in my life throughout this journey.

- Sierria November 2023 Graduate

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"Going through the program at Legacy many wonderful changes have happened to me. I have truly started my walk with God and have found real friends who love and support me. I have been delivered from depression and have been off all mental health medications and have not needed them. I have also been restored to my parents and brother. I also have a real desire to live life to the fullest."

- AmiJo September 2022 Graduate

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"February 19, 2019, I was asked if I was teachable. What seemed to be such a silly question for me at the time, has changed my life forever. I was familiar with the Bible and with God, but Ms Sonia taught me seek God and develop my relationship with Him. I realized I knew OF God, but I didn't KNOW God. Because of what I have experienced at Legacy my life will never be the same. My self-concept of who I am has been completely changed. I was a pearl buried deep in the sand. Life choices kept me buried and just kicked around. I never truly know who I was or what I wanted in life. After 19 years of being in addiction my mind is finally seeing things clearly. I know now that I am fearfully and wonderfully made. God doesn't make mistakes, so I have a purpose."

- Wendy November 2019 Graduate

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"I lived in darkness till I came to the Legacy Center. I'm now a new creation! My life has changed tremendously over the past nine months. I've been living a sober life and learning to deal with my emotions, and life in general, with God's help...I was struggling with my heart not opening up all the way and letting the Lord in, I wasn't feeling blessed like I expected. I knew you had to forgive those who had wronged you, so I did. But, my heart still wasn't right. One night while worshipping in His presence God told me that I hadn't forgiven myself. WOW! Now I am moving forward."

- Karen, November 2017 Graduate

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"God has completely transformed my life! I came to Legacy lost, broken and vulnerable. I am now found, whole and healed. He has renewed my mind and continues to lead me. I have a vision for my life with my children that nobody can take from me. I know that if I keep my momentum in the right direction, I will succeed. I have learned that I have a “secret power” of endurance, preparation time is never wasted time…and God had to work with me privately to prepare me to further His Kingdom publicly. Above all, the greatest TRUTH I learned is who I am in Christ! That is something I will never forget. It’s what my life is built upon and being taught to my children, faithfully. All glory to God, I will leave behind a LEGACY."

- Brittany, March 2019 Graduate

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"Living at Legacy for the last nine months has forever changed my life and my perspective on everything. I realized that I was trying to live according to my own will. I had the "I got this" mentality. This obviously did not work out and no matter how hard I tried I kept failing miserably. Walking with God has led me to the epiphany that I must do things according to God's will. By following God's will not only do I have a fullness in my heart I never thought was possible, but I also know if I stay in His will He will exceed all the expectations I have for my life. Developing a relationship with God has also made me realize my worth. "

- Billie March 2020 Graduate

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"My life has been nothing but change since I walked into the Legacy Center.

I no longer feel, look or act the same. My family has been restored and they are my major support group! Before this they didn't want to even be around me, but we have the relationship a Mother should have with her children...I've learned a new way of thinking and how to deal with my emotions without drugs. WhenGod says He will make you a new creation, He sure will! He had His hands full though when I walked into the door, but nothing is to big for God!"

- Melissa, November 2017 Graduate

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"Before I came to Legacy, I was lost, broken, and addicted to drugs. While at Legacy Ms Sonia has taught me how to have freedom, self-control, how to have joy and a love for Jesus Christ! I have learned how to trust God and how to be obedient to His will. I have also learned about submitting to authority. Being in Legacy I found out who I am in Christ Jesus and I am thankful to say I AM A CHILD OF GOD! I know if I can be delivered from drugs...anyone can! "

- Ja'Nae March 2020 Graduate



“God heard my prayers and He is faithful and true. The staff at the Legacy Center have given me so much hope and encouragement by teaching me God's truth. My heart is filled with so much love and joy for the Lord and the plans He has for my future. I have a whole different outlook on life now"

 ​​- Lisa, June 2017 Graduate

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"I'm not going to lie, this last year has been trying. Harder than any I've ever had to face because I've actually had to face the enemy within. I didn't do that before! I skirted around it. I can see where I tried to do that here in the beginning, but I couldn't take it anymore. I finally let go and let God begin a genuine good work in me. Am I perfect, no, but at least I'm pursuing it. This time, here at Legacy, has taught me TRUTH. Truth about love, truth about me, truth about my enemy, and continues to teach me truth - day in and day out. I am eternally grateful for this sanctuary, safe haven, discipleship, program - call it the name of your choice. To me it's home and it's brought me home. Home to my Jesus an a life with my savior"                           - Ashley, May 2018 Graduate

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"I came from a very dark, cold, broken and lost world. I was addicted and involve in the a life without Christ. I didn't even know who I was anymore. I was tired of how I was living and God brought me to Legacy. At Legacy I found life instead of death, true forgiveness instead of guilt and unconditional love instead of shame...I found a relationship with my loving Father like no other I have ever had. I am now a redeemed, overcoming, courageous, beautiful, strong princess of the Most High God. Who has changed and restored my brokenness to a redeemed new life...never to be the same! "

- Tamara November 2020 Graduate



“Words cannot describe how grateful I am to have had this opportunity to give up my life for one year to God. This year has changed my life forever because I now live for God. I am now on the path to becoming the woman God created me to be."  

​​- Laura, March 2017 Graduate

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"Nine-months ago when I came to Legacy I was completely lost and utterly broken. Addiction had taken over my family, my marriage and my kids. I did not know who God was and I definitely didn't believe He could do miracles. Now my relationship with God and my family is stronger than ever. I've had my ups and downs in these months...I've learned a lot of hard lessons, BUT GOD was always with me - all day, every day...It has been an amazing journey! God has done so much in my life! I am no longer walking in the dark...Now I see myself the way He sees me...I accept myself the way He accepts me...I can live out the beauty as He designed me to live. I'm so grateful to Legacy!"

- Chantalle, March 2018 Graduate

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"I didn't come in with all this knowledge of God or much hope, but I knew at Legacy I could find the love of God and gain a faith no one could break...Even though my family and I aren't re-united and my circumstances in life haven't changed - I do have a new outlook. I'm trusting God to invade what life looks like for me and make a way for me...God is always stirring up my heart, expressing that there is another way. I just have to keep faith that He will not fail me, that I can not doubt. I know everything takes time and I've learned how to give things time instead of pushing my way through life."  

- Jasmine, November 2017 Graduate

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"Being at Legacy has completely changed my life in so many great way. Ms Sonia has taught me so much and she has helped me love myself. I have learned how to be a better mother, how to be a better person, how to treat others, how to have patience, and how to have the faith Jesus has given me. She taught me that no matter what I have done wrong and all the sins I've committed, that if I repent and ask God for forgiveness, and truly mean it, He will forgive me. that's the God we serve, a loving Father. He loves us through everything. He's always there with me because as of February 28, 2019 I received Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior."

- Chrystina November 2019 Graduate

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"Coming to Legacy I didn’t know how broken I really was or how much damage I actively caused people. Now looking back I can see the ripple effects my decisions had on people due to my behavior and actions. It’s a hard thing to face - who you have become. But through Legacy I have had the opportunity to change who I’d become and become a new creation, someone better. The fundamental truths about who I am have changed me into a woman of integrity, honesty, willingness, faith, trust and loyalty. Legacy has helped me discover the real me and the real truths. The truths God had known existed in me all along. It just took Legacy for me to see and learn who I am when I trust in Him. Legacy, and Ms Sonia, have changed my life and the legacy for my kids. I will forever be grateful for them being the vessel God used."

- Jaymee, August 2019 Graduate

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"The experience of being weak and vulnerable to the attacks I've had on my life was truly devastating. The lack of knowledge about God Himself and His Son led me down skeptical roads. But when I finally insisted I was giving my entire life to God, I finally allowed myself to receive God's grace, His peace and His guidance. I have never been more peaceful and ready to approach what God is calling me to do."

- Selandra, July 2018 Graduate

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"When I first came to Legacy I was lost in addiction, lost to myself and missing a true relationship with God. I arrived hurt, angry and confused, my self-deception was alarming. This program made me face myself and it helped me to find who I am in Christ. When I look in the mirror I am no longer ashamed. I now see a woman who has an open heart and gentleness - which was non-existent before. Legacy has taught me how to build and keep long lasting healthy relationships. I have been empowered by God and He has given me the strength I need to surrender the burdens of my past. Legacy has given me the power to transcend who I used to be. My old life has past away and I have risen in new life with Christ. All of this would not have been possible without Legacy."

- Jacquise August 2019 Graduate

Spring 2018 Grad Postcards.003.jpeg


"WOW, is the best word I could come up with to describe how my life has changed and what I have learned here at Legacy. The definition of WOW is 'an outstanding success' - which really says a whole lot. When I came to Legacy I was truly what you would call a lost soul and my heart was desperate to get to God. I was hurt, broken, confused and bitter, but willing to do whatever was needed to change direction...Not only have I learned about the love of God, but I have been shown His love in action through the women of Legacy. God has given me the ability to completely change the way I see the world around me and how I treat the people in it...It's not about where we've been and what we've done. It's about where we are going and what we can do for THE King and His Kingdom!" 

- Christi, March 2018 Graduate

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