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Student Empowerment Team

Our Student Empowerment Team is a unique way to connect and partner with the Legacy Center. It takes the simple concept of financial partnership and takes it to a deeper, more personal, level.

As a student empowerment sponsor you have an opportunity to connect with a student and help empower them to recognize and live out their God given dreams while creating a new legacy for their children. You will be able to walk with her through her journey of transformation - empowering her with words of wisdom and encouragement to continue to press in and achieve all God has for her.


What does an Empowerment Sponsor do?

With a monthly commitment of at least $80 you can take part in giving a woman the opportunity to restore core values needed to bring about lasting change!

To ensure our ability to continue to openly share Christ, we are only funded by private sources (churches, businesses and individuals). This means that the financial resources of our program are wholly dependent on the donations of caring supporters like you.

As a sponsor, you will interact with a student and make a personal connection that will last a lifetime, broadening her relationship circle and system of support.

This is especially important since many of the students do not currently have family in their lives.

You will play a significant role in a student's growth as you encourage, pray for, support and motivate her to conquer the needed changes that will enable her to fulfill her full potential

in Christ.

Interactions with the students may be through letters, cards or by phone. For those in our area personal visits and outings are also an option as the student gains those privileges.

A sponsor's investment goes beyond the student to include her family, helping her to create a new legacy for her children.

How do you become an Empowerment Sponsor?


If you are interested in becoming a part of our Empowerment Team, we would like to get to know you! Please submit a Empowerment Sponsor request by completing the contact form below.


Once you become a sponsor, we will connect you with one of our Legacy students, and you will receive her story and photo.


As a sponsor you will have the opportunity to witness your student's transformation through monthly updates and by taking part in various events.

How does your monthly support help?

On average it costs $800 per month for a student to receive services during her stay at the Legacy Center.

These services are provided at absolutely no cost to the student.

This includes:




Hygiene Supplies




School Supplies

Outings & Events


Laundry Supplies


Administrative Costs



...and more!

Sponsor a student today and be a part of her success story!

Thanks! Message sent.

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